Welcome to the Product Design strand of the Design @外围买球APP十大平台 2021 Graduate Showcase. We invite you to take some time to browse the projects and get to know our graduates a little more.

Again, Covid-19 has upended the year with the majority of the classes taking place online and work being undertaken in bedrooms, home offices, back yards and garden sheds! But the graduating class of 2020 have managed to deliver some of the most thoughtful and well-resolved design projects in recent years. What is particularly striking about this year’s projects, is how they are all focused on building a more equitable present for marginalised members of society and on forging a more sustainable future for everyone. hrough a suite of connected devices, Victor Muojeke brings deaf and hard of hearing cyclists on the same journey as their peers, and Niamh Munday’s clever labelling system reimagines food packaging for a circular economy. While EmmaJude Lyons proposes how we can manage patients waiting on hospital trolleys in dignified and safer ways, a new home office solution that balances beauty and functionality has been designed by Ronan Quinn.

We wanted to thank all the students and most importantly the teaching and technical staff who worked so hard during the year to ensure the high educational standards were maintained despite all the obstacles and upheavals. This year we will lose one of our longest-standing team members, Donal Ryan, as he moves on to retirement. All the Product Design students, past and present, know how invaluable Donal has been to the course during his 15 years with us and how much his skills, knowledge, caring approach, and infinite amounts of Stanley blades will be missed! Donal, thank you for all your input as a colleague, master craftsman, expert and friend over the years; you will be missed.

Congratulations to the PDT class of 2021; the future is yours, so go make some waves!

Enjoy the show everyone and don’t forget to contact the graduates if you would like more information or to work with them in the future.

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